My Own Computer Game

This project came to be from a lecture we had at university. We were a group of four students and we were supposed to create an entertaining workshop for kids. We decided to create a 2D sidescroller and make as many of the games variables editable. This way the kids could - in groups of ~10 - decide how to customise their game to their liking. They drew animations for the characters, backgrounds/powerups etc.. and decided how much hp each enemy had and how they behaved. Each of the groups made a number of levels which could then be played as a consistent game.

We then sent the kids an email with an android and a desktop version of the game they could play. I came up with the concept and I did most of the programming for the game engine and the whole desktop version. The second CS student in our group programmed the Android version and a little tool which helped us separate the images from their background and to make the animations more consistent.

We were really surprised how well the games turned out. The kids came up with really smart and creative ideas. We had everything from flying enemies to stationary ones that would shoot. Some levels even featured an end boss. Also the characters animations turned out a lot better than we had expected

The repository with the German release version can be found here. The repository with the source code can be found here.