As a little fun project I decided to build a hexapod. As I often do with these things I wanted to go into this project with reading as little about the topic as possible to fuel my scientific longing.

All I knew is that hexapods have 6 legs with one servo rotating in the yaw axis and two more servos rotating in the roll axis which makes a total of 18 servo motors. Since I am already familiar with the Arduino ecosystem I decided to work with their boards. But in order to control all 18 servos I would either need a more powerful Arduino (and still rely partially on software PWM) or equip my Hexapod with 2 Adafruit servo boards.

It was clear pretty immediately that if I wanted to truly design and build this myself without any kit I would need to have access to either have a CNC drill, a 3D printer or a laser cutter. And since personal 3D printers are pretty cheap nowadays I decided to order one online. After some research into 3D printers I decided to buy the Wanhao duplicator i3 which is a Chinese clone of the popular open hardware printer Prusia  i3. Click here to read more about my experiences with the Wanhao duplicator i3.

More to come..